Midwest Basketball Showcase 2022 – Tournament Rules

ALL Nebraska high school rules apply except for the following:

Coach Check-In:

  • The CHI Health Center (“CHI”) will open 30 minutes prior to the 1st game.
  • Check-in at the CHI; each team will only get 3 wristbands: 2 for the coaches and 1 for the team scorekeeper that each team must provide. Wristbands must be worn on the wrist at all times!

Length of Game:

  • 8th-11th grade divisions will play 22-minute running time halves. The last 1 minute of 2nd half with be stopped time if the game is within 15 points.
  • 3rd-7th grade divisions will play 20-minute running time halves. The last 1 minute of 2nd half with be stopped time if the game is within 15 points.
  • Overtime will be 1 minute of a stopped clock; 3rd overtime will be 1st team to score a point
  • 20 Point Rule; If a team is ahead by 20 pts or more with 2 minutes or less in the game, the game will be called off by the game officials.
  • Halftime will be 2 minutes and warm-ups will be 3-5 minutes depending on schedule.


  • The team listed 1st or on top of the bracket is Home team, wears light-colored jersey (please bring both uniforms in case a team only has 1 color)
  • One Coach may stand unless they receive a technical foul which they will then have to sit.
  • If ejected, that coach will NOT be allowed to coach in the next game.
  • No warm-up basketballs provided. Boy’s 7th grade and up will use the men’s ball.
  • No press in 3rd grade; No press if up 20 points or more (4th-8th grade ONLY)
  • Free throws are played on the release; a technical is 2 free throws and the ball.
  • 3 30-Second Timeouts per game; in overtime each team only gets 1 30-second Timeout.
  • 1 and 1 bonus free throws beginning at 7th team foul. No 2 shot bonus
  • All players will be allowed 6 fouls before fouling out.
  • The home team provides scorebook keeper; the visiting team provides clock operator. Scoresheets will be picked up from your court at the end of games.
  • Players will be allowed to play on multiple teams only if teams are in different grade levels.
  • Tournament directors have the authority to override any rules.

Tie Breaker:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Point Differential (20 Max) for the teams that are tied
  3. Fewest Pts Allowed (all pool games)

Remember this event is for the kids and their families; there will be missed layups, missed shots, and missed calls but let’s not miss the opportunity to show the kids how to be sportsman-like. We look forward to hosting everyone at the CHI this weekend.

Tournament Directors: Jarron Bradley, Curtis Marshall, Marlon Polk and Brandy Smith
Officials Coordinator: Latrell Wrightsell



Admission Prices

Friday: Adults = $10.00 K-12 Student = $10.00 5 and under = Free
Saturday: Adults = $15.00 K-12 Student = $15.00 5 and under = Free
Sunday: Adults = $15.00 K-12 Student = $15.00 5 and under = Free

Weekend Passes will be sold on Friday only for $35.