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Midwest Basketball Showcase 2018 – Tournament Rules

ALL Nebraska high school rules apply except for the following:

   Coach Check In:

  • The CenturyLink will open 30 minutes prior to the 1st game.
  • Check in at the CenturyLink; each team will only get 3 wristbands: 2 for the coaches and 1 for the team scorekeeper that each team must provide. Wristbands must be worn!

Length of Game:

  • 9-11th grade divisions will play 2 – 16 minute halves with clock stopping on all whistles.
  • 6th-8th grade divisions will play 2 – 14 minute halves with clock stopping on all whistles.
  • 3rd-5th grade divisions will play 2 – 12 minute halves with clock stopping on all whistles.
  • Overtime will be 1 minute of stopped clock; 3rd overtime will be 1st team to score a point
  • Running clock. If a team is ahead by 20 pts at anytime in the 2nd half the clock will run; clock stops if lead goes to 10 pts or less.
  • 20 Point Rule; If a team is ahead by 20 pts or more with 2 minutes or less in the game, the game will be called off by the game officials.
  • Halftime will be 3 minutes and warm-ups will be 3-5 minutes depending on schedule. Teams need to be at their court at least 20 minutes before your scheduled game time as games may start up to 15 minutes early.


  • Team listed 1st or on top of bracket is Home team, wears light colored jersey (please bring both uniforms in case a team only has 1 color)
  • One Coach may stand unless they receive a technical foul which they will then have to sit.
  • If ejected, that coach will NOT be allowed to coach in next game.
  • No warm-up basketballs provided. Boy’s 7th grade and up will use the men’s ball.
  • Free throws are played on the release; a technical is 2 free throws and the ball.
  • 3 Full Timeouts per game; in overtime each team only gets 1 Full Time Out.
  • 1 and 1 bonus free throws beginning at 10th team foul. No 2 shot bonus
  • 4th-8th grade players will be allowed 5 fouls before fouling out.
  • 9th-11th grade girls and boys will be allowed 6 fouls before fouling out.
  • Home team provides scorebook keeper; visiting team provides clock operator. Winning team must bring the scoresheet to the registration table immediately after game ends.
  • Players will be allowed to play on multiple teams only if teams are in different grade levels.
  • Tournament directors have authority to override any rules.

Tie Breaker:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Point Differential (20 Max)
  3. Fewest Pts Allowed (all pool games) 


Remember this event is for the kids and their families; there will be missed layups, missed shots and missed calls but let’s not miss the opportunity to show the kids how to be sportsman-like. We look forward to hosting everyone at the CenturyLink this weekend.

Tournament Directors: Jarron Bradley, Curtis Marshall, Marlon Polk and Brandy Smith



Admission Prices

Friday: Adults = $10.00 K-12 Student = $10.00 5 and under = Free
Saturday: Adults = $10.00 K-12 Student = $10.00 5 and under = Free
Sunday: Adults = $10.00 K-12 Student = $10.00 5 and under = Free

Weekend Passes will be sold on Friday only for $28.